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RMS G Meter – The Powerful Accelerometer

RMS G Meter is considered as one of the useful acceleration measurer that ever created. RMS G Meter had been widely used in the following industries: Shipping – RMS G Meter is used for determine and verify the packages traveled with as little damage as possible. Manufacturing – It is used for vibration sensing for quality control purpose. The proper ways to calculate the RMS: Try to pick a function Then, square the function Remember to take the ‘mean value’ of the function Lastly, do take the square root of the function RMS G Meter is a smart microprocessor-based device, which can display and updates instantly the root-mean-square (RMS) values of the acceleration. There are six main components in a RMS G Meter: An accelerometer Low pass filter A/D converter Microcontroller LCD display Battery power supply We must know how to differential the four modes which: Peak Mode Once the PMS G Meter is activated, the device will update the highest RMS value it has measured. Average Mode The device will display the average RMS value of the signal all… Continue reading