Eigenbau – The Intelligent Robot Spider

Do you wish to have a “Giant electronic Spider” crawling and bringing some fun to your home? If you’re answered yes, then let’s meet this incredible “Eigenbau” Robot Spider. You need to have these following materials for making this “Eigenbau” Spider: Javelin Stamp microcontroller with Ubicom Sx48AC One ultrasonic sensor with Deva-tech SRF04 Two sensors with micro-switches A Micro servo to the pan of ultrasonic sensor Three Standard Model servos for the musculoskeletal purpose This Eigenbau is well-programmed with Javelin Stamp microcontroller, which the three main tasks: Review or control of the ultrasonic sensor and the sensor Calculate the action, whether is to be forward, flight or Dodge, which based on the sensor data Control of the three servos for the musculoskeletal, where it’s mainly according to the require action to be performed Continue reading