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Simple robot by using ESP8266 as controller

ESP module is a great choice for cheap WiFi connectivity. But with this you get not only about $5 worth module but also a pretty good controller which can be programmed with Lua programming language. These modules accept AT commands when shipped, but you can reflash it with NodeMCU and then start writing your own scripts that can make this module work as standalone controller with WiFi functionality. OF course you are limited with four GPIOs but this is enough to do basic control and sensing. If you need more Ios, you can always drop in an IO expander. jscottb has constructed pretty interesting robotic platform by using only ESP8266 module as controller. Programming of this module with Lua is somewhat similar to Arduino coding. TO drive robot motors he used L9110s h-brige IC and as sensors he’s chosen HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor. Continue reading

Crazy robot with CRT tube

CRT tubes are thing of the past. But not for David, who decided to make a robot (RETRobot) with CRT tube on it. And he did this only for fun. Robot is driven by AVR ATmega128 microcontroller that does some routine tasks like driving stepper motors (actually via additional ATmega32), reads remote commands via Bluetooth and the most fun part – displays some information on CRT tube. This is quite challenging projects as you probably know driving Tubes isn’t easy tasks as it needs some electronics skills (high voltage!). Because of quite complicated power supply there is an additional dedicated ATtiny2313 used.  It’s fragile, it’s green, it’s Retro-bot . Continue reading

Delta bot – The Simple DIY Robot

Guys, do you have some times to spare in this weekend? If you did, would you mind to build a Delta bot by yourself at home? Most of you might say it needs a lot of time to develop a robot. Well, would you be shocked, if the Delta bot can be completely done in less than 10 hours? Basically, the Delta bot project is the replica of the industrial Delta robot, but we’re going to simplify the complicated development into a simple Delta bot. In this case, those components you need here are: Three servo’s actuators/output devices A mouse An Arduino Decimila USB and Arduino servos. In the beginning, you should assemble the three servos together with the aluminum strip. After it, use the metal base plate and install it onto the Delta bot, don’t forget to tight the nuts and bolts on as well! It’s time to apply the Arduino into the Delta bot. Then, you have to program the Arduino, so it reads serial data. The mouse is going to help you to interface the serial data. Continue reading

H8 micro mouse robot

Check this out – small cute robot that is equipped with multiple sensors that allow it to navigate around various obstacles. Despite its small size it is controlled by some sort of RTOS so called HOS, which takes care of ultrasonic sensors, stepper motors and LEDs. It has two main modes: turning mode when obstacle is detected and speed-up mode when micro mouse robot speeds up until finds another obstacle. Project description is written in Japanese language, so you might need some sort of online translator like google. Continue reading

A biologically inspired modular autonomous mobile robot platform

This is great mobile robot project that was created and described by Jidan Al-Eryani in Masters Thesis. This is full Master Thesis with deep analysis and testing that may be interesting to read as it includes various areas like designing power, control and intelligence modules where one MCU wouldn’t be effective. Project uses AVR Atmega128L microcontroller for performing basic functions like PC interfacing, Motion control, FPGA configuration, memory interfacing. All intelligence is left to FPGA Spartan-3 XC3S400-TQ144 which may be used for image recognition, machine learning and more. Have a nice reading. Continue reading