The Multipurpose Digital MultipleXed will Ease Your Arduino Works

Have you ever wonder how to optimize the uses of DMX, especially for the Arduino related projects? Believe it or not, you can apply the DMX in many electronic related fields and you will be amazed by the capability of DMX in handling the Arduino board. DMX interface is a device that receives DMX messages and control different types of lights at once. It’s has been well designed to be powered at 12V and housed in a standard DIN enclosure. You can use the DMX for the following purposes: It can be used to control four groups of lamps from a central location. It can be used to control incandescent and LED lights. You can connect up to 128 of these devices just on a single cable, and control up to 512 groups of lamps. Beside that, you can combine the DMX with the PWM feature and turn it into a powerful DMX-PWM converter. It can be used for the control the brightness of four low-voltages LED or the incandescent lamps via the DMX protocol. The main function of PWM… Continue reading