DIY 3D Controller is as easy as ABC!

The global recession has given a very deep impact to everyone. Go figure, there are millions of innocent people lost their jobs, either they’re being fired with or without reasonable excuses. Life is tough, especially for those who cannot find the suitable job after a long period! If you’re one of the unfortunate and you got the talent in DIY stuffs, then this is the perfect moment to show off your ability! Let’s have a closer look on the 3D Controller, the main purpose of this project is to make a 3D hand-position sensing system and preserve some semblance of functionality. Those components that you’re needed are: Arduino Processing Wire cutters Soldering iron Box cutter Three 270k resistors Three 10k resistors Solder Wire Aluminium foil Cardboard Scotch tape Shielded wire Three alligator clips 3-pin header Zip-tie Hot glue By the way, you also can modify this 3D Controller by applying some cool features on it, such as: Build massive sensors; You can try to optimize the resistors and code for things that vibrate quickly; You can transform it into a… Continue reading

The Sensual High Power LED mood Lamp

Every person might have different kind of decorations in their houses; some of them would prefer some stylish and sophisticated decors, while other might prefer classical and contemporary art decorations. No matter what type of people you’re categorized with, most of you here will definitely love this stuff, and it’s name is called “Mood Lamp”. Talking about the Mood Lamp, do you mind to DIY an LED Mood Lamp and use it as a sensual add-on for your room that will absolutely impress your loved ones or guests? Well, you might think it’s going to be a very tough project here, where you’re might be wrong in the very first place! The high power Led mood light is based on PIC16F628 and the ability of this MCU is to produce Pulse Width Modulation or PWM pulses. This means, by only varying pulse width, you can easily produce over millions of color combinations by using only the three basic red, green and blue colors! Therefore, with only one RGB Led, it’s capable to produce a rainbow of fading colors simultaneously. And,… Continue reading

This Fireflie NG is Awesome!

Have you ever saw the synchronizing Fireflies NG before? The most significant view of this Fireflies NG will be the big white ping-pong ball, which it has to be attached on the PCB (The ping-pong ball creating a very awesome view for this project). If you’re always wondered how to create a Fireflies NG, then you’ll have the chance to do it today! Basically, this is a synchronization project, where it can be flash randomly but after some time and influencing each other, they’ll flash in sync frequency. Small microcontrollers will be used in this project to simulate the fireflies. You must pay attention that each firefly acts autonomously and it is not a preprogrammed pattern. In other word, it is more like a self organizing system! The NG version is uses a small PCB or Printed Circuit Board and a RGB-LED. Since each of the firefly has its own value that stands for the power to flash and the value is rises over time. Which mean, if the power reaches a certain limit, the firefly will flash and the… Continue reading

Wall-sized interactive Tetris game

SparkFun team have made a huge interactive Tetris game. This is really impressive piece of art made of 16 Atmega8 microcontrollers, 720 LEDs and 240 buttons. Game can be controlled by touching buttons directly on frame(similar to touch screen). The Tetris board is 10×20 cells and each cell lights up 1 of 7 different block colors. Separate button pads are 4×4 and there are 15 of them, so total array is of 12×20 buttons. There is RGB LED placed behind each button so it is possible to light any button with any color. Can imagine what processing power is needed to update all picture and read all button state. This is why whole project was break up in pieces of 4×4 button pads with separate microcontrollers accessed via SPI interface. Project is really challenging but satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. They provide all schematics and firmwares if somebody wants to give a try. Continue reading