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Even Your Desktop Deserves a Clock As Well!

You’re thinking that your desktop is too plain and you would like to do something with it? Ok, what about a stylish LED Desktop Clock? Yeah, it’s sounds cool, isn’t it? Basically, this project is uses RGB LEDs to create a clock face and each of the hand is assigned with a color and as the hands overlap on the face of the clock, it will then mix the colors! The clock will use a single AA battery to power the display, where it is boosted to 5 volts with a switching mode power supply. Then, the power supply would be fined to use any AA battery that is at 0.7 volts or even higher. This means that it should still work fine with AA batteries, which maybe “dead” when used in other devices! For this project, make sure that you’re using DS1307 for the heart of the clock and with a CR2032 coin cell battery backup as well! Remember that the battery should also be sufficient, so it can keep the time for at least a couple of years!… Continue reading

Twinkle Star Ambient Email Notifier

You always expect some of the important emails in your email account, but the waiting process makes you become even more nervous? Kill the nervous today with this stylish twinkle star ambient email notifier. Those materials that needed are: 4d-micro-USB module RGB LED RS-232 port Picaxe 08M COM port Python script Firstly, you need to use a 4d-micro-USB module to provide the power resource. The RGD LED will be controlled by the RS-232 port through the Picaxe 08M. One of the cool feature about this ambient email notifier is you can control the colors and the brightness. How? It’s all can be done by sending execution code to the COM port. Continue reading