Tiny RGB LED cube

RGB LED cube

LED cubes are cheap and great approach to 3D visualization. All you need is a hand full of single color or RGB LEDs and microcontroller. We’ve seen lots of interesting projects that use standard through hole LEDs that already have legs allowing to solder a cube grid. But there are not to many attempts to build cube with SMT LEDs especially with RGB. Hari Wiguna decided to build a tiny RGB LED cube as a module which could be driven by microcontroller platforms like Arduino. Since RGB LEDs are already three LEDs packed in, he build 4x4x4 configuration which already require 64 LEDs. If we count individual diodes there are 192 of them. So controlling them all already is some task. The size of cube is also tiny – cross cut is same size as quarter coin. When you squeeze the cube you very quickly loose the 3D effect, since diodes start masking each other. In this case I think this limit is quite reached, because SMT RBG LEDs aren’t transparent. Anyway it still allows creating lots of great effects.… Continue reading

Ambitious RGB LED cube project

LED cubes are pretty common projects that actually are quite easy to build. The only need is a patience to solder LED diodes nicely in to cube. Usually hobbyists build cubes out of mono-color LEDs, but this one is different. It is built of RGB LEDs that makes lots of wiring and soldering. This is an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube so totally 512 RGB LEDs or 512×3=1536 individual LEDs to be controlled. Hardware part took quite time to accomplish, but results are amazing. Such creation requires some processing power to display real time transitions, so it is controlled by PIC32 MCU which sends commands to LEDs via TLC5940 -16 channel PWM drivers. So as usually every LED of cube is addressable individually. Continue reading