This Horsepower Monitor is going to Blow You Down!

You might have seen on the TV documentaries before, where there’s a device that specially designed to measure the torque in an automobile drive shaft. Do you have any interest to build up this marvelous Horsepower monitor? If you want, then please read on this article… This Horsepower monitor can provide an output to a vehicle data recording system or a portable computer via an RS-232 interface. Beside that, all of the received data can be combined with RPM measurements from the data recording system for calculating the horsepower! For your information, this horsepower monitor consist the following components: A sensor unit (It attaches to the driveshaft) This sensor unit is a fully powered by battery and it can be used to communicate with the receiver via a 433 Mhz RF data link. A receiver unit (It provides the serial output signal) The receiver unit is powered by the vehicle electrical system! The whole circuitry is operated from two lithium batteries that being mounted in the lower housing half, where it is to maintain assembly balance. In order to conserve… Continue reading