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The Magnificent Real-time FPGA Pitch Shifter

Guys, no matter you’re a music lover of not, I bet you’ve at least heard some music in your daily life. Honestly, life without music would be like the drought during summer, which it’s really torturing our mind! The modern music producers normally use a variety of effects to create the high-quality sounds. Amongst the sound effects, one effect that often being used is known as “Pitch shifting”. Basically, pitch shifting is a process, which is used to change the pitch or frequency of an audio signal without having to change its duration. Music producers always used this method to correct the pitch or intonation of a musical instrument. Today’s project is to build a real-time FPGA pitch shifter, which is allowing you to perform the above task without further modification. Honestly, it’s easy to use the pitch shifter, as it can perform on a FPGA in real-time using various digital audio processing techniques. Before you’re taking the inverse FFT, you have to take the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of a signal, and alter it in the frequency domain. This… Continue reading