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Raspberry Pi based RC car

There have been lot of products developed out of a Raspberry Pi ranging from Internet of things to FM transmitter. This particular product aims at controlling a commercially available RC car. Although the code along with the explanation on this project is available on the project website, I suggest you try out writing your own code if you are a beginner. This project also has implemented image processing in the initial stages to find out the correct frequency on which your RC car will work. Basically every car will have a different frequency and an available option is to brute force to find the correct radio frequency. If the radio receiver is a complex one, you would have no option but to use an oscilloscope. The entire code has been written in python which can be clone from github and is customizable to be compatible with your car. Initially, the program will find the correct frequency by using image processing to determine at which frequency the car moved. The next step will be to determine the PWM or frequency values… Continue reading

The Superb Little Device – Perpetual Ball Roller

Would you love to roll some balls on a track? If you did, then you must check out this cool Perpetual Ball Roller. Based on its appearance, it looks like a simple ball roller, but it can do more than we could imagine here! Well, this machine is fully-controlled by a PicAxe Microcontroller. A servo, which is used for steering in R/C cars, is also being used to tilt the track for a ball to roll round. The degree of the tilt can be controlled by a potentiometer in a manual mode or in automatic mode; preset instructions on the microcontroller tell the servo how to move! Honestly, electromagnets would probably work well for this project. However, it would be trickier to get so many different positions accurately. Ok, as you see on the above figure that the circuit is not a fancy stuff. Hey, it doesn’t matter, as long as it works, isn’t it? For the switch, the left switch is manual, right one is automatic while the center is off. For manual mode, the potentiometer is used to… Continue reading