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RPi board for learning Python

Python is popular programming language used in Raspberry Pi. It is easy, intuitive and well documented. With Raspberry Pi hardware you can access physical pins and do lots of crazy things. Anyway like any new thing you need to learn it. TO make thing much easier, jechavarria introduced Rpi board which is dedicated for learning Python on Raspberry Pi. Rpi board has four 10mm diffused LEDs – each different color. Each is controlled through Mosfet transistor key. Then there are couple push buttons that are lined with LEDs and in the middle there is a buzzer which is also driven through transistor key. On top of it Rpi board carries 2×16 LCD. Additionally you can see I2C buss connector for future extensions and. Couple green LEDs on a side are just for indicating 3V and 5V power supply. Rpi board mounts on top of Raspberry Pi model B (or A) and should fit on B+ model. He also provides few Python code examples to get started with. Continue reading

Custom user interface shield for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a microcontroller board witch doesn’t have any user interface. All things has to be plugged in have control. As Linux machine it can be controlled via secure shell (ssh) interface which require it to be connected to internet or via serial interface. But if you want raspberry to be more stand alone device you need to think about some user interface. Jason wanted his RasPi to be manageable in some way without auxiliary devices. So he started project headless. Ss you can see this is a shield for Raspberry Pi which connects to GPIO header and with enclosure it makes pretty good standalone device. Shield carries four line text LCD, several pushbuttons and experimental COM interface built using couple transistors. As operating system for Raspberry Pi Jason selected Arch Linux which seems to boot faster and is lightweight. His custom application runs after boot and gives access to many system parameters and configurations. With battery attached at the bottom it makes pretty good handheld device. Continue reading