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Compact Raspberry Pi camera

There are several Raspberry Pi based camera projects. PiJuice decided to build something even smaller, so he came up with compact camera project. He’s chosen Raspberry Pi A+ which is smallest Rasberry Pi. Next thing he had to deal with was power supply. He used PiJuice module which takes care of charging battery and generating necessary voltage for Raspberry Pi. There is one obvious choice for camera module so nothing to add here. On a back side of camera he attached Adafruit 2.2” TFT screen which comes with four navigation buttons. He also laser cut basic enclosure to make it look like real camera that can be taken anywhere for capturing photos and videos. Continue reading

Face recognition with Raspberry Pi

Face recognition is interesting and really important topic. Digital cameras already does this to help better focus on a subject. Face recognition also can be used in areas such as robotics, computer-human interaction, security systems and so on. Boris Landoni has been working on face recognition with Raspberry Pi + camera module. He wanted to adapt simple, robust algorithm that would detect human face by determining parts like face, eyes, nose lips. The recognition method is based on so called “Haar feature cascade” which allows rapidly to identifying objects by means of cascade consecutive combinations of simple features. In other words features from images are extracted by using Haar wavelets. Face recognition program runs on Python that uses SimpleCV library for algorithm training. So far this is not an end product, but rather a demonstration of complexity of problem. Continue reading

Multiplexing Raspberry Pi cameras

Raspberry Pi camera module has pretty good characteristics and with software support you can do lots of interesting stuff. This is OK until you need more than one camera. What if you need more than one camera? There can be few solutions to problem – use another Pi per camera and join them with some webserver, use USB based webcams or try thing differently and multiplex multiple cameras to this single CSI connector. IVPort selected third option where he build camera interface multiplex module. Multiplex module is designed as stack-able, so you can connect 4 cameras with single module and 3 GPIO control pins, 8 cameras with two modules that require 5 control pins and max of 16 cameras with 9 control pins. Of course cameras aren’t displaying all at once. Through software or manually you can select which camera to turn on while other are off. This solution is great for monitoring things around, building self aware robot platforms when cameras are stacked in cube. Other uses might be for building bullet time camera setup, because switching time between… Continue reading

Building full HD IP Cam out of Raspberry PI

If you will start looking good for IP camera, you will see that they cost decent amount of cash. If you are looking to use one for your own needs like home security or office monitoring, then look around if you have spare Raspberry Pi and camera module. These things are cheap. Antoine likes to have control over things, so he started an Open Source project where he builds FULL HD (1080p) IP cam that can stream video at 30fps. It sends standard H.264 encoded video over RTSP protocol which is used in security applications. As camera housing he used standard camera dome that can be found on eBay. To power the Raspberry, he implemented simplified PoE (Power Over Ethernet) on two twisted pairs from DC power adapter. The software part is based on Raspivid and Live555 RTSP Library. To get it working Antoine wrote step by step procedures that you need to follow in order to get it working. After some configurations made via WEB interface camera can be accessed through media player like Open VLC. Camera does not… Continue reading

How to build motion activated Raspberry Pi camera

Talk2bruce was curious about cats behavior when he’s not at home. So he started motion activated camera project based on Raspberry Pi. Setup consist of standard elements for such projects. Raspberry Pi already has camera module that is capable of making great pictures. USB WiFi stick enables it to be connected to web. Other components were connected to RasPi GPIO header. These are PIR motion module, low battery indicator, and switch. Python software keeps track of things. First of all it monitors motion sensor. Once motion is detected, camera takes picture or video which is automatically uploaded to Dropbox cloud storage. This way pictures can be seen from anywhere and form any smart device. Also there is a LED illuminated power button, which is also monitored by Python program. Once it detects that its off, software is schut down allowing to safely unplug power supply. Another LED is used to indicate power. Camera and all components are housed in to nice laser cut plywood enclosure. Continue reading

Reading boiler temperature with Raspberry Pi using camera

In digital systems we usually use digital temperature sensors or somehow integrate analog sensors by using ADC. But if you want to modernize existing system where analog gauges are used, this may be tricky. You may think of adding additional sensor that would be easy to read with MCU. But there may be more interesting but challenging approach. Seb decided to implement Raspberry Pi based setup which would read gauge image with camera and try to read its arrow position with simple image processing algorithm. So first of all he attached simple circuit to Raspberry Pi GPIO – a simple transistor driven relay that switches boiler heater. Then pointed RasPi camera to temperature gauge, then he focused on software part. He implemented email driven control protocol where several python scripts reads specially constructed email messages and gives command to turn heater on or off. Then comes part to read if temperature reached desired level. He uses openCV package to work with captured images. The trick of reading gauge is rather simple. He captures image then selects white region and cunts… Continue reading