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The Magical Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box

If you’re happen to be a vivid traveler who loves to travel frequently, you know that it’s totally a very painful experience, especially when you cannot locate the exactly destination that you want to go to… Well, most of the experienced travelers overcome the above problem by using the GPRS, as it’s by far the best system that we can use now. By the way, if your friend had decided to get married in another country and you don’t know what is the best present for him/her, maybe this magical Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box would be a nice gift for your friend. For your information, the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box is definitely a very interesting present. Go figure, what your friend will think, if they received a book-sized wooden box that beautifully carved with elephant images (Well, it doesn’t has to be an elephant, as you can change the pattern accordingly). The most special part is it’s mounted into the lid and with an illuminated button. It has a small display on the top and the reader has 50 attempts… Continue reading