AVR Tiny based GPS locator

GPS device doesn’t have to be very complex. Simple Attiny2313 microcontroller can be used to read data from SR87 GPS module and display it to 2×16 alphanumeric LCD. As GPS module transmits data through serial interface it occupies only on wire so there is plenty space left for LDC, keyboard and buzzer. Keyboard is used to enter names for marked locations that are stored to EEPROM. Again, great fun project that almost pushes microcontroller to its limits. Continue reading

How to Interface a Microcontroller with a PS/2 Keyboard

In most of the case, it’s highly important when you’re moving from basic microcontroller programming to advanced microcontroller programming, especially if you wants to interrupt the code. Technically, interrupts are pieces of code that much likes functions. The interrupts are executed automatically when outside events occur. People always used the interrupts to react to all sorts of outside inputs; including pin changes that driven by outside devices. By using the interrupts, it enables the users to give the code an ability to react to events as they happen. In this case, we don’t have to wait for the code to get to a place where it can handle an event. For your information, the project uses interrupts to interface a PS/2 keyboard with the USB NerdKit. To be honest, the simplicity of the protocol and the asynchronous nature of the clock generated by the keyboard make it a great start, especially for the amateur to get familiar with interrupts and interrupt handlers. The PS/2 keyboard is quite cheap and very easy to obtain, at the garage sales, online auction or… Continue reading

ATir AVR IR Keyboard Interface Makes The Remote Becoming Easier!

You like to have a device that can help you control the PC/keyboard, but you don’t know the proper way to build it? In this case, the A Tir AVR IR Keyboard Interface would be the perfect choice here! For your information, the incredible ATtiny45-based A Tir interface device can easily offers a convenient cross platform solution to interface an IR remote control to type keyboard macros to a PC! Furthermore, the compact system included with an infrared receiver/demodulator and a few discreet components. Thus, the interface can be plugged into a PS2 keyboard port on the PC. Don’t worry about it, as it accepts all the commands from the infrared remote simultaneously. The even best part about this device is it can be configured to operate with common remote controls, either with little or no change in code! To be honest, the USB to PS2 adapters are inexpensive and allow the A Tir can be used within USB environments. With the A Tir AVR IR keyboard interface, any operating system that recognizes the hardware will work without hassle. After… Continue reading

Keys are Useless In Front of this RFID Door Unlocker!

You now living in the college’s hostel and you’re not allowed to modify the locks on the doors? Well, then this spectacular RFID Door Unlocker is what you’ve looking for… The main objective of this RFID Door Unlocker is to unlock any college dorm doors. It’s based on microcontroller PIC16F630 and it allows you to enter a serial of password through a PS/2 keyboard on the other side. Honestly, this is an easy to develop project, where it uses string and a stepper motor to pull the handle bar. You’ll need suction cups, as these are the best way to go, where they’re easy to apply and remove anytime you want! During the project, you might encounter some difficulties. Firstly, you must pay attention to the box, and make sure that it fits properly, even though you’ve putted on the suction cups on it! Secondly, be sure that the range of the reader in the accurate position and you still can read the tag through the door easily. In overall, this RFID door unlocker is the ideal choice for the… Continue reading

The Parallel Tetris Game Will Entertain You!

If you born in 70s and 80s, you’ll probably one of those Tetris game players that spent a big portion of time everyday, just to create the highest game record and conquer the game. Do you know that Tetris is actually a puzzle video game, which it’s designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1985? The Tetris name is derived from the Greek numerical prefix “tetra-” and tennis, Pajitnov’s favorite sport! Instead of playing the Tetris alone, this parallel Tetris can double up the fun! This idea is to have each player playing the game on his own screen, by simply using the PS/2 keyboard for input. The interest part about this parallel Tetris, when one of the players has cleared his/her lines on the game, his/her opponent would go up a predefined number of lines in the game! In order to add the fun of this game, you need to use two Altera De2 Boards, where these two boards can be used to communicate over the serial port. The main objective of this project is to do a… Continue reading

The Excellent Backlights Controller – Router Term

You’ve been searching for the reliable and user friendly backlight controller, but it’s seen like a hard task, as you cannot even find the controller that suited your needs? Well, since you’ve failed to find it, why don’t you just spend some time and give yourself a new kick start, by simply create a Router Term for your own use? For your information, the Router Term is a serial terminal for the Edimax BR-6104KP router, which running with Linux. It has 16×2 LCC display with the backlight and PS/2 Keyboard (Look it carefully, it’s “PS/2” not “PS 2”!). The barin is a microcontroller ATmega8. The Router Term can be used for the following purposes: Shell terminal Controlling the backlight (F1 hotkey) TAB for command completing, BACKSPACE Ok, how to deal with the Router Term? Well, you just need to press the “Ctrl+C” buttons at the same time to shut down the running program. It is simple and hassle free indeed! Continue reading