The Sophisticated Closed Loop Laser Projector

Do you have interested on laser projector and always wondering how does it work? You maybe think that developing a laser projector project will cost you a lot of money. Ok, if you are being told that you could create a lost cost laser projector, would you like to build one for yourself here? The main objective of this laser projector is to create a character projector, which it can be used to interface to a mobile device or even linked to a PC via a serial port. By simply switching on and off a laser beam, it will be reflected off a rotating polygonal mirror and it’s possible to display dot matrix style text onto any surface. Continue reading

Infra-Red Link and AVR – Would These Two a Good Match?

Have you ever think about by combining the two different things: Infrad-red link and AVR then transform them into a cool stuff? Well, if you haven’t tried it before, you have to test it out today! To cut the long story short, you just going straight to the point… Firstly, you might want to build the prototype in stages. The first stage will contain just the AVR and an infrared detector with some bypass capacitors. Don’t waste your time build the circuit on breadboard, as it wouldn’t work. The breadboard is picking up noise, thus you need to remove the components from the breadboard and solder them to a prototyping board. Now, the circuit will be working. Then, you would need to add a 14.7456 MHz crystal and the two capacitors on the prototype, which this for a more stable oscillator and more robust communication. If you refer to the figure above, you see a complete device. On the left hand side, you will use a 2-pin power connector to power the circuit from an AC adapter rather than the… Continue reading