The Artistic and Retro Arduino Binary Clock

You’re highly interested on the retro or antique stuffs, and you just can’t hold back, especially when you see the gorgeous artistic things? Well, in this case, you might discover that the Arduino Binary Clock is definitely suits your need! Let’s have a closer look on the Arduino Binary Clock above. Isn’t it gives you a retro yet artistic feeling? Well, it seems to be a very hard and time costing project. Believe it or not, you’re only need to spare about 4-5 hours and you can finish the Arduino Binary Clock instantly! For the project, you’re encouraging to use the surface mount, instead of using the through hole LEDs. Furthermore, it’s a wise choice, where you can use a surface mount voltage regulator, capacitors and resistors. For your information, the surface mount components are 20 – 25 percent cheaper than the ordinary components did! Before you’re starting the project, always remember to build an Arduino onto a protoboard first. It made the process easier, especially when you want to fit into the clock case! After you’ve put all the… Continue reading

An Inspiring Quad core Arduino tower

Do you ever try to combine all different Arduino into a single Arduino Tower? Isn’t it cool to have a four-sided Arduino Tower? If you want to get a QuadCore Arduino Tower, which four Arduino that well assembly in a square core designs. This feature can help to minimize the bus transmission’s wire length more efficiently. What you will get for the basic QuadCore Arduino Tower kit are: Five Arduino Four DoubleTall ExtenderShields USB 4-way main power and the programming bus Four black mini-protoboards Two 6-inch type-B USB cables The slightly different for the USB QuadCore Arduino Tower would be: Five Arduino Four DoubleTall ExtenderShields USB 4-way main power and the programming bus Two 6-inch type-B USB cables, which use to connect the Arduino and USB hub to the computer Four black mini-protoboards Four type-B recoiling cables, which use to connect the USB bus to the quad cores The best part for this QuadCore Arduino Tower, is we can disassemble and reassemble it whatever you want it to be. Go and have some fun with this QuadCore Arduino Tower right… Continue reading