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Programmable Synthesized Guitar – The Best Experience to Learn and Plays Acoustic Guitar

Yeah, let’s rock N roll… Wait a minute; I didn’t have any guitar, how can I play the song without a guitar? It’s surely an embarrassment, especially when you found out that we cannot enjoy some great moment due to the lack of guitar! For overcoming the problem, why don’t you create the experience of playing an acoustic guitar electrically? Ok, you might think it’s totally ridiculous to reprogram the acoustic guitar electrically, but it’s not impossible to do it. Believe it or not, you can get it done by using vibration sensors, push buttons and the Karplus-Strong algorithm. Well, here is the basic idea. First of all, you have to remodel an acoustic guitar as closely as possible. Then, it’s time to implement additional functions, which is not available to the conventional guitar. This act will allow the play of the guitar with sound being output to earphones and practice without disturbing others. Plus, it’s also a chord-learning mechanism that based on LED-signaled instructions and many other functions. In addition, you have to use the Karplys-Strong algorithm to synthesize… Continue reading