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Self-setting alarm clock with Google Calendar

Imagine an alarm clock you don’t have to set manually. This idea seems to be real with DPAC (Dynamically Programmable Alarm Clock). This is done pretty originally. It connects to Google Calendar via Wi-Fi and collects events for next day and then calculates the best time to wake you up. It even counts in breakfast, shower and even time to drive to place where you need to be including traffic conditions. It sounds amazing. Let’s see how it’s done. Mainly its is based on Arduino platform with a bunch of peripherals that include big 6.4” LCD screen, FM radio, iPod link, audio amplifier, WiFly wireless module, x10 to control light,  RTC. Alarm clock connects to specially written Web User Interface where all necessary settings are entered including Google calendar login, locations, destinations. It seems to be really professional and feature rich alarm clock. Continue reading