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Arduino based analog device curve tracer

In analog electronics component characteristics are very important criteria. If in digital circuit transistors mostly work in key mode then analog circuits whole volt-ampere characteristics matter. Most datasheets have these characteristics plotter out but sometimes this may be not enough. In this case why not to plot them by yourself. Of course you can do this with simple circuit and multimeter or do this automatically with free tools. As you know Arduino read analog signals with ADC inputs and output ones with pwm. Don Sauer have built a simple system that utilizes one Arduino, couple rail-to-trail op amps and several passive components that can be assembled on breadboard. All you need is to attach transistor to circuit and Arduino goes through testing. It then sends data to processing which simply… Continue reading

DIY 3D Controller is as easy as ABC!

The global recession has given a very deep impact to everyone. Go figure, there are millions of innocent people lost their jobs, either they’re being fired with or without reasonable excuses. Life is tough, especially for those who cannot find the suitable job after a long period! If you’re one of the unfortunate and you got the talent in DIY stuffs, then this is the perfect moment to show off your ability! Let’s have a closer look on the 3D Controller, the main purpose of this project is to make a 3D hand-position sensing system and preserve some semblance of functionality. Those components that you’re needed are: Arduino Processing Wire cutters Soldering iron Box cutter Three 270k resistors Three 10k resistors Solder Wire Aluminium foil Cardboard Scotch tape Shielded wire… Continue reading