Reading SPD005G pressure sensor with Arduino

SPD005G is a bridge gauge type pressure sensor which measures pressure with respect to atmospheric pressure. Its measuring limits are from 0 to 14.5psi. Interfacing such sensor require some conditioning circuit that is build out of three operational amplifiers. Differential signal from sensor enters two amplifiers that are used as buffers for next standing differential amplifier. Differential amplifier simply gains differential voltage which then enters to Arduino A0 input. Arduino converts input voltage in to mV that is displayed on LCD. If you need to display value in Pa or psi, then you probably need to do calibration with known reference. Continue reading

Reading barometric sensor data with Arduino

Barometric sensor data can be used for reading atmosphere pressure which is great indicator for future forecasting. Also barometric pressure is used to get altitude data. It is widely used in flying models, quadcopters and even parachutes. As you can see you can do lots of fun stuff with pressure data. R-B have shared an interfacing example of BMP180 pressure sensor to Arduino board. He used Crowduino Uno board, which has several nice features like selectable power supply voltage between 3.3V and 5V, it also comes with SD card interface and few other improvements. Sensor module is interfaces via I2C interface. Data is displayed on small ILI9163 based TFT display. Several libraries were used to make things easier. Pressure module uses BMP180 library to get readings with few lines of code. LCD screen is also controlled with help of two libraries – TFT lib and Adafruit_GFX which takes care of generating fonts on graphical screen. Pressure sensor also comes with temperature meter which is also used for readings. So on LCD there are three parameters visible, barometric pressure, temperature and… Continue reading

This BUMS is Not For Wear!

The oil prices are keep moving in the downward and it’s suppose to be a great news in this economic crisis. However, although the oil prices have falling like rock, but the electricity bill is remaining the same! It would be even worse, if you have more than one teenager living under the same roof, as you know most of them never really mind about the eletricity conservation at all. Hence, your electricity bills will be skyrocketed for sure… If you want to cut down the usage of electricity and keep the more money warm in your wallet, then you should come out with some great idea right away. Well, if you have no ideas what to do about it, this BUMS might be your ultimate solution! For your information, this main objective of this BUMS is to turn off lights and other home appliances that not in use automatically, and cut down your electricity bills! BUMS is using a PIR sensor, and when it detected someone enters the room, the system will turn on the lights. The door contacts… Continue reading

A weather station with a build-in web server

Embedded web applications are always exiting. Once device is connected to internet, you can have access and control from anywhere including cell phone.   Weather station is a modular structure which consist of AVR based web server and sensor board. There are two LM335 temperature sensors and Freescale MPX4115A absolute pressure sensor attached. There is also a wind measurement sensor planned. Here you’ll find the latest project files. Continue reading