The Simplest Ways to Turn Old Hard Drive into Super Cool Hard Drive Clock!

Have a bunch of old unused hard drives and you don’t know what to do about it? Instead of throwing it into the trash bin, you can simply modify it into a cool hard drive clock! Technically, it won’t cost you a dime to do the modification, as you’re going to use the recycled items to build this hard drive clock. By the way, those essential components that you’re needed are: Solid metal case, LED at front panel, Power connector and switch at the back, Power supply +5V and +12V, and A 12V fan. Well, this project is based on PIC18F2320, which is running at 40MHz. The microcontroller can be used to read current time and date from RTC. It will automatically refresh data every hour. Two timers of microcontroller synchronize work of whole device. There are two different timers, which as Timer0 and Timer1. Timer0 is responsible to measure time of full disk revolution and calculate moment for LEDs to turn On/Off. Timer1 is configured as real time clock and is used to scan keyboard, and refresh LCD. By… Continue reading