Time to Make an Amplifier for Your Arduino

For all of the electronic fans, I believed that Arduino isn’t a strange thing for you here. Today, you can try to build an amplifier for the Arduino use. It is a low cost project, which might cost you less than hundred bucks. We try to modify the circuit that can be used as an amplifier to switch on and off a DC motor. You also need to make sure the PWM generator is the PIN 9, 10 and 11from the Arduino board. For avoiding the transistor from getting burn frequently, we will use the BDX53 transistor for this purpose. The 1N4007 diode is the best choice for control and limits the extra tensions from the transistor. For your information, the regulation is determined by the speed of motor, which is set by the frequency and duration of the on and off status of PWM. Remember to write the analogWrite on the code and chosen the output pin in between 0 and 255 (example like “analogWrite(10, 255)”). Hope you all will love and enjoy this Arduino project. Continue reading