Great knock box for Halloween

Halloween is a day when weird and scary things are welcome. So Kyle had this idea to make a knock box which would respond to knocks. Circuit is pretty simple and straight forward – Attiny85 microcontroller detects knocks by using piezo sensor. To make it reliable, he amplified piezo sensor signal by using MOSFET. Knocking back part is made of DC motor with shaft attached. Knocking pattern is recorded by using microcontroller timer. There are several modes preprogrammed for instance if 13 knocks are detected, then it plays “Adams Family” song using same piezo sensor as speaker. If 20 knocks are detected then box knocks randomly for 30 seconds. Otherwise box simply knocks back same patterns. A special attention is paid to box look. Lego skeleton and chains look great on it. Continue reading

Arduino Based Drum Kit

When you looking at the thread title, you might think, “Nah, it’s another damn boring Arduino Based Drum kit around, there’s nothing special about this stuff!” First of all, don’t be so sure about it, as you haven’t read the whole story yet… Frankly, if you have the talent, it’s a piece of cake for you to build a sophisticated Arduino Based Drum set. Since the kit contains all the required parts, you only need to supply the Arduino and the material to make the actual drum pads! It’s very simple to build the circuit board, as all the instructions have been stated in the drum kit. All you need to do here is following the instruction thoroughly, and you can get the circuit done in a few minutes. Same with the circuit part, it’s as easy as ABC to build the drum pads. Each drum pad contains three sections, which as: The top layer – It protects the sensor from damage. In addition, it reduces the amount of noise from the drumstick hitting the sensor. The middle layer –… Continue reading