Mini Flash – It Might Be Tiny But Powerful!

You’re bored with the recently projects and you like something different? Ok, how about the “Mini Flash” here? Would you like to keep yourself busy with this creative and innovative project? For your information, Mini Flash is a programmable LED Sequencer/Flasher and it’s based around the PICAXE 08M microcontroller. Well, it’s a spin-off of the Pro Flash Programmble LED Flasher/Sequencer, which is based around the larger Picaxe 18X microcontroller (Well, larger doesn’t mean better, isn’t it?) Theoretically, the Mini Flash will sport the same features, as the larger Pro-Flash controller. The only difference here is it can only control 4 LED channels instead of 8 LED channels. The controller is well programmable in a BASIC-like language, where it’s very similar to the “Basic Stamp.” Beside that, the ability to reprogram the LED sequencer by using a PC-based program is one of the specialties of this project. In fact, the servo lead, which is normally plugged into a spare channel for control, is also being used to reprogram the Mini Flash Flasher/Sequencer via a computer’s serial port connection and programming cable.… Continue reading