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Model turbine engine control unit

Yeah you heard right – model jet planes can also be powered by turbine engines. And it seems that it isn’t as easy as regular propeller motors. Model turbine engines can reach RPM up to 180000. Smallest ones can be about 3” of diameter. Well let’s leave these technical details to ones who deal with them. And let’s see where microcontroller comes in. In fact to do proper control without microcontroller can be pretty hard as turbine engines are quite complex. A PIC32MX microcontroller is selected as a control unit which performs as closed loop control unit which actually measures engine RPM and exhaust gas temperature, air speed  in order to decide how much fuel to inject. Other features of ECU include: throttle input as PWM, UART, and 2.4GHz remote display. Module actually is made so that it would fit a radio controlled airplane model. Seems like a great toy for advanced modelers. Continue reading