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Yet another geeky universal remote

This universal remote is more dedicated to SetTopBox(STB) control. The fact is that Ivan wanted to make things more energy efficient and get more comfort. In order to make things working he used a PIC32 microcontroller board as base station which would receive IR commands from remote control. He connected his monitor to STB using HDMI and wanted to power this thing on. So he made it remote controllable. Another thing he did was added a PIR sensor which would boot on STB once movement is detected. So when you sit and click turn thing on – you get almost immediate picture. He also realized that RGB strip light in his room doesn’t need a separate remote. He made it work from same STB remote (where unused VCR/DVD/DVR are). Remote station reads command and sends IR signal to strip to turn ON/OFF or change color. Ivan claims that his solution allows saving about 61kW of energy a year. But probably most benefit here is comfort and feel of your own input into this. Continue reading