Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Mobile 3D scanner based on PIC32

Most of 3D scanners are tied to computer and has to be carried around to make it work. But what if you need small portable 3D scanner that would work without computer connected to it. This PIC32 based prototype supposes to be mobile that could be used in areas like archeology, architecture and for any other 3D object scanning. 3D scanner works as most scanners do – a low intensity laser scans surface of object that rotates at angle of 360 degrees. Digital camera captures reflected beams and transmits data to PIC32 which generates TXT file. File can be stored to SD card or USB flash drive. With this data you can reconstruct objects 3D image with popular software like AutoCAD , 3DMax, Maya or any other. Continue reading

Beekeepers dream – PIC32 based bee hive monitor

If you are a beekeeper this project can be a good start towards better beekeeping. It is based on PIC32 microcontroller and has tons of sensors and interfacing that allows controlling many parameters in order to sustain near ideal conditions in a bee hive. If you know a little about bees, the probably you are aware about bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), when number of worker bees drops and this way rest of them aren’t able to maintain hive. So it is better to prevent this factor than fix damage later. This is where PIC32 based monitor (so called PIC’n The Beehive) comes in. It monitors ambient and hive temperatures, humidity, rain, dew point, wind speed, relative air pressure, and daylight intensity. It is also capable of measuring hive and bee weight and Mite count as well. Due to condition changes controller can ventilate hive, regulate temperature, entrance opening. It also can simulate rain to keep bees inside. All data can be accessed via multiple interfaces like USB, RS232, RF channel and even via WEB interface. This is what modern… Continue reading

PIC32 controlled automated wire feed TIG welder

It takes time to master welding process especially if talking about Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. TIG welding is considered as high quality and precision process. The problem is that filler wire is added to the weld pool separately. Lets leave all these pros and cons to those who are doing real job with welding and see what is this project about. The idea if this project is to apply a control to TIG welding using PIC32 microcontroller which has to take care of filler a wire which is fed by stepper motor. Other nice features include ability to store welding settings to SD card where different filler wire diameters, types and and weld types can be stored. This allows microcontrolled to perform automated welding process. Selectable information is conveniently displayed on LCD menu where different welding settings can be selected. There is a very little information provided about this project, but main idea, circuits and source are provided, so who knows maybe someone will try to continue with this. Continue reading

Portable Notetaker – The Genuine Device for Blinds

Some people always blamed and complained how bad their job or life is. However, they didn’t realize that they’re a very lucky person, at least they didn’t born as a blind! Go figure, once you’re closing up your eyes for a second or minute, can you see anything else in front of you? Yeah, it’s impossible to view anything, except the all black and dark world. So, what’s the feeling, if a person was born as a blind? Isn’t it really hard and challenging to live the life as a blind person? Well, most of the blind people have no choice, but to emboss Braille dots on paper with slate and stylus. The blind people read by moving their fingers through the Braille dots from the side to side. Honestly, it’s one of the best method for the blind people to read, due to its low-cost and low-tech. However, the Braille dots have its own disadvantages. First of all, it takes longer time and larger space to write. Hand can get tired quickly, as the readers have to using force… Continue reading