PIC LCD backpack for HD44780 scree

Liquid Crystal Displays or LCDs as we commonly call then are now very prominent in project making – it dominated the field of numerical indicators surpassing the vintage Nixies and the ever famous seven segment displays – this module from dangerousprototypes will never reach production, since the HD44780 is already rarely used. It’s a very convenient way of practicing LCD communications and it’s also a very nifty gadget to have around – if your planning to have an optional display that can be accessed through USB then this baby is up for the task. The circuit is composed of a PIC18F2550 which takes care of the serial communications – it communicates through the USB line in the PIC18F2550. You might say that this LCD back pack is just similar to the serial LCDs available in the market – yeah they are similar but this guy is packed with a little more making it beyond your ordinary serial LCD. It has a 500mA fuse – what for? For protection of course it also comes with on board potentiometers to control the… Continue reading

PIC18F2550 development board with USB port

Prototyping without development boards sometimes may seem impossible. Always before starting producing real design there is always prototyping part of work. Sometimes there is more convenient to use breadboards. But if you know that you will need to prototype more devices based on same microcontroller, so it is better to develop universal board which is more stable and easy to use than breadboard.   For USB prototyping PIC18F2550 is a good choice as it has USB port built in and no additional circuitry is needed. The PIC18F2550 is a USB2.0 Full Speed Device(12Mbit/s). Sadly microcontroller doesn’t have bootloader built in, but you can always use third party USB bootloader like Sprut USB bootlaoder. Board schematics and PCB is available for download in eagle format. Continue reading