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Meet The NewBorn Star – DLP-232PC!

Guys, there is a good news for all of you here today! Have you ever heard that there is a new USB-powered module is already available in the market? Well, this little buddy measuring only 1.375×0.6 inches and it can be easily fitted into any of the breadboards! Let’s meet the DLP-232PC, our newborn USB-powered module that uses single byte serial commands to control a PIC18F2410 microcontroller. This DLP-232PC has 14 I/O channels, where 8 of them can be used for 0-5V analog inputs. Furthermore, the preprogrammed firmware has made this DLP-232PC easier to access to the I/O lines and external digital temperature sensors. You can connect up to 14 DS18B20 digital temperature sensors to this DLP-232PC without any further modification! The data-in-line format DLP-232PC Data Acquisition Module is using… Continue reading