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Clocks Rediscovered

All of us has those fancy hanging wall clock that shows us time in different styles. This one is a little different. It shows time with the help of lots and lots of seven segment displays. To be precise, it has a total of 72- segment displays, in a three ring format. Along with it, it has an adaptive light sensor, that makes reduces the brightness of the displays in night and increases during the day. Moreover, it also has a wave detection which shows time when you wave the hand. Another feature is, that it has connectivity to internet to synchronize time from NTP server on time to time basis. For offline clock, it has an on-board RTC clock and even an Ethernet connection for remote entry. Although it… Continue reading

Very simple PIC16F/18F DIY board

Market is flooded with lots of cheap development boards. So why build another one. There can be many reasons – but probably mos common is the feeling that project is build from bottom to top. Sometimes DIY method allows building what you actually need and even save some money once you have tools available. Picprojects shared pretty simple and versatile PIC16F/18F development board which has everything you need to build projects or learn programming PIC microcontrollers. The minimalistic board design has all headers brought out, linear power regulator, ICSP programmer header, couple programmable LEDs. Eagle CAD files are available if you decide to make one. Continue reading

TouchClock: a touch on time

Back in high school I always wanted to make a set of fonts which is based on my own handwriting – it’s not that my handwriting is that awesome but it’s the fact that its not consistent and amazingly unreadable! It’s the same idea with this clock it has a touch screen where you can write the numbers and the figures for it to display. Talk about customized gear. This touch clock was made using a 128×64 BL/WH TOUCHSCREEN GLCD from CircuitED. Using the ADCs on a PIC18 development board we can get the X and Y coordinates of the sensed touch. Similar to what they use in touch screen of cell phones and tablet PCs. The author also gave us the code for some other members of the PIC18… Continue reading

PIC18F4550 USB prototyping board

PIC18F4550 microcontroller has USB module built in. This allows using USB interface without additional interface chips and drivers. Evan has developed pretty simple PIC18F4550 prototyping board which is capable to download software via USB without need of other external programmer adapter.   Board can easily be adapted for various PIC USB interfacing projects such as HID or virtual COM port applications. PIC board is quite compact, but it has all pins available for interfacing. You may also want to grab a PIC USB Bootloader in order to test USB run.[via] Continue reading