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Controlling webcam when you are not home

Webcam may be the cheapest way of monitoring your home while you are out. All you need is to leave your PC connected with camera so you could connect to it using remote connection software like VNC or Teamviewer. Ruijc wanted to look after his cat using this technique, but found out that steady camera doesn’t cover all the areas of the room, so he started a project where he would be able to control camera tilt and rotation remotely. He built a simple PIC16F88 microcontroller based circuit which would drive two servo motors. Motors simply tilt and rotate camera to point at any spot of the room. Additionally he added a transistor driven LED lamp, which also can be turned on when there is dark in room. Device is… Continue reading

PIC based 3-wire fan controller

This is a nice project and nice writing about problem when there seems impossible to drive fan with three wires using PWM and read RPM at the same time. The problem seems to be that driving fan with PWM signal gives same PWM signal on yellow wire instead of RPM. So Giorgos came to solution to extract RPM signal even when fan is controlled by PWM. He simply tried to find you how the PWM signal distorts the RPM signal on a yellow wire and he saw a difference which helped to construct a simple circuit with 4049 buffer which gave nice and clean RPM signals that are fed to POC microcontroller. This way it became possible to have full and easy control of fan speed and have RPM readings… Continue reading