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Keys are Useless In Front of this RFID Door Unlocker!

You now living in the college’s hostel and you’re not allowed to modify the locks on the doors? Well, then this spectacular RFID Door Unlocker is what you’ve looking for… The main objective of this RFID Door Unlocker is to unlock any college dorm doors. It’s based on microcontroller PIC16F630 and it allows you to enter a serial of password through a PS/2 keyboard on the other side. Honestly, this is an easy to develop project, where it uses string and a stepper motor to pull the handle bar. You’ll need suction cups, as these are the best way to go, where they’re easy to apply and remove anytime you want! During the project, you might encounter some difficulties. Firstly, you must pay attention to the box, and make sure that it fits properly, even though you’ve putted on the suction cups on it! Secondly, be sure that the range of the reader in the accurate position and you still can read the tag through the door easily. In overall, this RFID door unlocker is the ideal choice for theā€¦ Continue reading

Control up to 8 devices with IR remote

This cool device can be used in many areas. You can connect up to 8 different devices to 8 relays and control them remotely with IR transmitter.   The whole system consist of two parts: IR transmitter and receiver with controlled relays. Transmitter sends RC5 format IR signals modulated to 38kHz carrier. Code is generated by PIC16F630 microcontroller depending on which key is pressed. Receiver also has same PIC16F630 on board which decodes received signal and activates related relay. If you like this project you can build it by yourself as all necessary files are available for download. Continue reading