Quick LED heart project for Valentines day

If you are engineer in love than you should take an advantage and build something beautiful for Valentines day. So why not go with flashing heart. Mike suggests building simple PIC12F629 based heart powered by single CR2032 battery. He designed through hole PCB so anyone could easily build and assemble. The shape has 12 – 3mm red LEDs placed around. With single button it can be turned on and different flashing modes selected. He shares all building plans and asm code in case you would lake to tweak something. So don’t hesitate and build one as small things can mean a lot to someone. Continue reading

Smart IR Light Dimmer – to brighten up your night

Everything from your neighbor’s LCD TV to your other neighbor’s stand fan has a remote control. Most of these remote controllers are transmitting commands to your favorite appliance using IR (Infra Red). This handy thing gives everyone the feeling of having super natural powers – “I can turn off the TV without even touching it! wahahaha”. It is indeed handy to have a remote control which you can carry around turning appliances on and off. But how about controlling the brightness of the lamp, like increasing and decreasing the volume of your TV? Guys from the ePraktikum group built a very handy contraption that would enable anyone to have remote and I say remote access to two light bulbs, not only turning them on and off but actually dimming the lamp to adjust to the mood. They used a TSOP1736 to receive IR data from an RC5 remote controller (PHILIPS), data is then fed to a PIC12F629 – an 8-pin microcontroller that would interpret the IR signals and turn them into pulses that would control two separate TIC206M triac which… Continue reading

The Simple DIY IR Widget

Are you feeling frustrated with the old type IR and you’re wished to have a simpler IR widget? First thing first, for those that don’t know what the IR for, it’s an acronym for “Infrared” and it’s an electromagnetic radiation, where its wavelength is longer than that of visible light, but shorter than of mirowaves. The IR widget is captures the infrared signal used by remote controls. Basically, it operates in a way that makes it compatible with modern multitasking operating systems. It’s able to determine the carrier frequency and demodulate the carrier in the digital or analog domain. Furthermore, the captured information can be used to view, recognize, or reproduce the signal. The hardware is designed to be as simple and low cost as possible. For this project, a PIC12F629 was used for development and almost any PIC that uses the 12 or 14 bit instruction set could be used. An infrared detector module is used to allow the microcontroller to see every infrared pulse at close range. This allows for greatest detail and accuracy. Meanwhile, an optional infrared… Continue reading

PIC based dual light timer controlled switch

This project speaks for itself – it serves as simple dual lamp switch with delay timers. Project is really easy to build as it uses few components. Each lamp is controlled by button. When one of the buttons is pressed – lamp is turned on via relay. After predefined time lamp turns off. This might be convenient where lamp is needed for short time, for instance while you go upstairs, or just when you entering the house and need light to find a regular lamp switch. Project files including source code and PCB files are available for download. Continue reading