Web-sockets using PIC16F886

Usually when you need live data update in webpage you usually use java script polling method. This is still argued but polling ads network throughput overhead and latency. Technology doesn’t stand in place and new standards enters the game. Along with HTML5 there came a web sockets that allow client-server live data exchange without latency and efficiently. Blaise Jarret being an expert on PIC microcontrollers decided to implement websockets based communications. As starting point he used mbed based project. He set up a python based Autobahn server to talk to client script. Most modern browsers already support web-sockets. PIC microcontroller talks to server using a Wifly wireless module. Once device sends its message to server it instantly echoes back to web browsers. You can see a nice demonstration with potentiometer on a video. Dig that info and start your live sensor monitoring on webpage project. Continue reading