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Binary wristwatch for every nerd

Jordan started this binary watch project to gain more experience in programming PIC MCUs for low power applications. But it turned out pretty successful that after wearing it for about a month he started selling them for everyone. As we mentioned, binary watch is based on PIC18F24J11 microcontroller which drives bright LEDs on display for each binary digit. Having bright LEDs installed he was able to dim them and this save power without loosing brightness. Watch is powered by CR2032 coin cell battery which is enough for 3 months of usage. Special care is taken to make watch as low power as possible by combining several MCU sleep modes. He found interesting solution to watch clasp. He used same programmer ribbon cable and secondary non electrically connected header on other edge of board. It really looks great and there are no redundant parts. Continue reading

Stylish steampunk LED wristwatch

This LED wristwatch uses old fashioned LED displays that look really cool. They have some similarity to nixies if look closer. The heart of watch is PIC16F628A microcontroller with separate oscillator to keep track of time. The watch has also two buttons for setting time. It is powered with two button batteries. In fact this is pretty simple watch with no fancy features but it looks great when it sits on a hand. Continue reading