USB PIC Programmer

If you are looking for USB PIC programmer. Here is a nice PIC programmer designed by ‘keolereaon’ a member on .This programmer supports pic10F, 12F, 16C, 16F, 18F, 24Cxx EEPROM. It works with only Winpic800 v.355. This is one of the fastest and also the best method to program the popular series of PIC microcontroller. The programmer includes all the things that are required that is the hex file, winpic800, PCB board in ARES and also the schematic.  The schematics as well as the PCB along with the photos was developed by PICMASTERS, based on some valuable work done before All the files which include the usb driver, layout of the circuit, hardware setting programmer are included in a file which can be found on author article on The good thing about the project is that the project is totally open source and hence every one can contribute to its growth at any point of time. Continue reading

How to get a dream job in a minute

I believe it sounds a bit unreal, but it may work. To get job is pretty easy, but first you need to make a good impression to your future employer. Sending perfect resume doesn’t guarantee a success, because all your competitors are smart enough to make their own CV look great so there is a little chance that yours will get exceptional attention. There is another way to make you see different. So Ramiro, the guy who is looking for his dream job decided to design a business card which would contain all aspects of perfect employee: contact information, professionalism, engineering skills, and even more to be used as useful gadget. This business card is not a piece of paper, but PCB with Microcontroller and memory. PIC 24FJ64GB002 microcontroller contains an USB interface that enables card to act as generic flash stick. That can be plugged to PC USB port. It contains an autorun function that automatically loads resume and other portfolio. Card also can be used for other applications like data acquisition or other tasks. But probably main purpose… Continue reading

Analogue meter PC performance monitor

Probably you remember we mentioned about Open Source PIC18F USB HID framework. So here it is – a project based on it. And it looks really cool and this is not about circuit and connectivity, but look and idea. Circuit is built around same PIC18F2550 microcontroller with minimal component count. Meter has one RGB LED and couple analogue Hi-Fi UV meters. The device speaks itself about what it does – microcontroller reads performance counter data from PC via USB, then sends PWM signals to UV meters according to CPU or Network load. RGB LED is used to indicate HDD events. It changes intensity on utilization level and color depending on reading, writing or even both. On PC side there is a Visual Studio 2008 C# host application working to ensure communication with target. Overall this is a fun device that can be built as standalone device or integrated as PC case mod. Continue reading

PIC18F USB HID interface for your projects

Probably today USB interface is near a standard in embedded projects. Probably most of them are based on emulated COM port on computer and need additional driver to be installed. It is always better when things work instantly when you plug your project to PC. This is a great Open Source project of USB generic Hid device that is based on PIC18F microcontroller and works well on Windows. Actually this is a framework to cover Windows Host side and microcontroller side. By using simple prewritten commands you can virtually do anything with MCU-PC communications. PC side is based on Visual Studio C# class library while MCU firmware has prewritten functions to communicate with Windows – Host application. PIC18F has a built in USB interface, so there is a minimal count of external components to set it working. The information is well documented and there are couple examples to get going. So, no more pain with USB. Continue reading

Standalone phone conversation recorder

There are times when you want to record one or another phone conversation so later could listen again. Don’t know if this is necessary to do, but if so, here is a standalone phone conversation recorder project based on PIC microcontroller. Device is powered from USB and actually sends voice data to computer where software compresses audio to MP3 format for compact storing. Device automatically detects when phone is picked up so could start recording automatically and stops recording when phone is hanged. Continue reading

USB Game-pad and Mouse With Accelerometer

If you like to play computer games you can do this with more fun. And what bigger fun can be than doing this with joystick made by yourself. So this is a PIC18F2550 / PIC18F4550 based USB game pad with accelerometer. Schematic is built in steering wheel shell and is handy for doing som serious racing. PIC18F2550 has a native USB interface which is programmed as HID USB and is easily recognized by WIN XP/Vista and WIN7 as well. Game pad uses 2 axes accelerometer with ±2g and works directly from 5V taken from USB. Sevice also can be used as motion mouse for dragging cursor around screen and doing various tasks without need of table. Continue reading