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Setting up an USB communication for PIC 18F4550

PIC 18F4550 microcontroller is equipped with USB peripheral that allows to get rid of USB-to-TTL level converter circuits like FT232RL. This saves board space and money. Anyway lots of gets scared of USB complexity and avoid using native USB. Well this is true unless your starting point is a working project template. Gaurav have put up a working project example that utilizes PIC’s USB as HID device that is automatically recognized and installed by most operating systems like MS Windows or Linux. His project allows controlling 16 I/O pins of microcontroller by clicking buttons on PC screen. This may be a good starting point for your next USB based project. Continue reading

PIC18F USB HID interface for your projects

Probably today USB interface is near a standard in embedded projects. Probably most of them are based on emulated COM port on computer and need additional driver to be installed. It is always better when things work instantly when you plug your project to PC. This is a great Open Source project of USB generic Hid device that is based on PIC18F microcontroller and works well on Windows. Actually this is a framework to cover Windows Host side and microcontroller side. By using simple prewritten commands you can virtually do anything with MCU-PC communications. PC side is based on Visual Studio C# class library while MCU firmware has prewritten functions to communicate with Windows – Host application. PIC18F has a built in USB interface, so there is a minimal count of external components to set it working. The information is well documented and there are couple examples to get going. So, no more pain with USB. Continue reading