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Coffee mug with temperature indicator

Ben decided to make a little present for his girlfriend some time ago. As she is a coffee lover, he made little adjustments to standard mug. He took PIC12F615 microcontroller and made a PCB that fits to the bottom of mug. He didn’t use any fancy temperature sensors, just simple diode which drop voltage varies according to temperature. As he found out about 2.3mV per Celsius – this is enough to catch with ADC. Temperature value then is displayed on 10 blue LED bar. Whole circuit is powered from 900mAh Litium-Polymer battery that can be charged with included MAX1555 charger IC. Great gift everyone would love to have. Continue reading

Reading DS1820 temperature sensor with PIC16F628A

This project demonstrates a simple temperature reading routine from DS1820 temperature sensor. PIC 16F628A microcontroller simply reads temperature value from sensor and displays it on a multiplexed 4 digit seven segment LED display. Temperature reading resolution is 1 degree – so it is enough for general monitoring. Code example is also available. Continue reading

PIC based freezer failure alarm system

“If your freezer fails you may have meat or other frozen stuffs ready to eat. Re-freezing, not generally considered an option, may be an alternative for you, but may be also a risky business. While for a short time, a freezer should maintain an acceptable temperature to keep everything from beginning to defrost, it would be nice to know if the freezer contents have been compromised and for how long. For instance…power could be lost over that weekend you spent at the lake with the power returned several hours later. This exposes the contents to the ravages of spoiling without you even realizing it…” PIC12F506 microcontroller reads temperature data from MAX6510 temperature sensor. As device is powered from batteries – temperature readings are performed periodically in order to save energy.… Continue reading

Fully featured automatic aquarium controller

I believe aquarium controllers are quite expensive and not as flexible as your own. This aquarium controller is developed by Pasquale D’Orsi who managed to manage and control most of controllable parameters in aquarium. Controller is based on PIC18F4520 microcontroller which is interfaced with various devices including: temperature sensor, 8 controllable relays, RTC, LCD, additional EEPROM memory, LED indicators and RS232. Depending on time events that are scheduled precisely by using RTC module, and temperature readings, there can be various events triggered like switching heater, cooler, feeder, lights – you name it. Practically aquarium can be set to work autonomously for several days – so you don’t have to ask a neighbor to look after while you are somewhere on vacation 🙂 Prototype project files can be downloaded here. Continue reading