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Take you measurements with superprobe

Sometimes seems that you can’t find a proper tool that would make your work easier. So why looking – start building it. This superprobe tends to be universal device built around PIC 16F870 microcontroller. It can do many useful things including generating and measuring logic signals, measuring resistance and capacitance, testing frequency and even reading addresses of 1-wire devices with ability to read standard thermo probes. Superprobe idea is taken from mondo-technology website. With some improvements and removing unwanted functionality it became even better. So building such tool isn’t very hard as it uses very few components, and there is always a room to add more functionalities at your desire. Continue reading

Swiss army knife – PIC superprobe

PIC superprobe project gained its popularity because of simplicity of design. It uses very few widely accessible electronic components. This small tool can serve as: Logic probe – for detecting High or Low voltage level; Logic pulser – for generating pulses with various rates; Event counter – for frequency counting; Voltmetter – for measuring voltages up to 5V; Diode junction voltage probe – for displaying diode voltage drop ; Capacitance meter – for measuring capacitors from 0.01uF to 100uF; Signal generator – for generating 500Hz square wave signal; Video patter generator – for generating NTSC video frames; ASCII generator – for generating Letter from A to Z leaded by cr/lf code; Midi note generator; R/C servo pulses; Square wave generator – from 1 to 9999Hz; Random number generator; IR LED signal generator – allows to send 38kHz signals during IR led testing; PWM generator; And all that functionality is controlled by two buttons while information is displayed on four 7 segment LED displays. I’d say this is a “must have” tool. Source code of project is here. Also check out… Continue reading