Robotic head gets his eyes

Some time ago we’ve covered the first part of animatronics tutorial from pyroelectro, where PIC microcontroller was able to move eyebrows with help of two servo motors. They haven’t been sitting around, but pushed things forward. They added couple of eyes along with eyebrows. As you may know eyes heed to be able move up/down and left right. For this purpose there are two servos needed per eye. This makes total four micro servos for both. And of course additional two for eyebrows. Obviously system gets more complex, but in other hand robotic face looks more natural. It can do much more facial expressions. It seems that Chris ain’t stopping and plans on adding more features to his creation. What’s next? Mouth… Continue reading

Picture dotting robotic arm

Chris have suggested his Sharpie Dotifier robotic arm that can draw pictures by doting a pen. He didn’t use any fancy stuff that would make it similar to CNC, but used one stepper motor and five servo motors to form robotic arm allowing to move, down and grip object. Just give it a pen and ti starts drawing in a manner of dot matrix printer. Servo motors are driven by PIC18F452 microcontroller whicl also sends signals to stepper motor controller board which is build around L298 controller. Stepper motor slides arm left and right, so arm could cover whole paper sheet. PIC microcontroller accepts commands from laptop computer equipped with serial port. PC application simply reads bitmap image and sends data where dots has to be put. Great work- just keep those pictures coming. Continue reading