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Smart Robot with telepresence have PIC and AVR on-board

Telepresence robot may have many usages starting from fun exploration and ending with rescue missions in narrow spaces. rwb have posted thorough description of his project. Robot platform is actually a pretty complex system built of several nodes including PIC (PIC16F1829) based Master controller, AVR (Atmega168) motor controller, wireless VGA camera, blue-tooth module and robot platform base. Each module talks to each other by using one of several interfaces. For instance PIC and AVR boards talk through I2C bus, while Bluetooth module is interfaced through UART interface. The only camera works on its own – it transmits data wireless to USB based receiver. Robot motion is controlled by using several sensors including optical wheel, and infrared range sensor. Speaking of camera it can be rotated with servo motor which is controlled with AVR based motor control board. Robot can be controlled with any device that has blue-tooth enabled. For instance from Android device using terminal. For more smooth operations there is an MS Visual Studio2012 Express control software build where robot can be moved with buttons including camera rotation and… Continue reading

Yellow robot got couple of drumsticks

Would you love having a robot buzzing around your house and playing music with couple drumsticks on any obstacle? The robot itself is a four wheel cart with IR sensor that detects various obstacles. The fun part is that it is equipped with couple drumsticks attached to couple of servo motors. Once robot founds an object it starts drumming on them. The robot is still in deep construction, but it already can show what’s it capable of. Looks fun, isn’t it? Continue reading

Simple programmable robot project

Al Williams have sent us a easy to make robot project, which is featured with two IR LED sensors, two servo motors modified for continuous rotating and GP3 general purpose control board based on PIC microcontroller. Probably the most interesting part of this project is the way robot is programmed. It uses a GP3EZ software which allows to use very simple “point and click” programming style. You don’t need to write code – you just have to go through user interface and select program flow steps. This is really easy – especially for starters. More about GP3EZ programming style here. Continue reading