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PIC based RF monitoring system

If you need to monitor distant objects you probably would go with wireless transmission. This project simply demonstrates a standard setup of RF data transmission channel using cheap 433MHz or 315MHz modules. They are connected to PIC16F877 microcontroller using HT640 encoder on transmitter side and HT648 decoder on receiver side. With encoder you don’t have to take care of formatting data packets. Decoder in its hand automatically encodes data from received packet. Microcontroller only has to read it and perform its own actions. In this particular example there are two sensor data transmitted – LM35 temperature and potentiometer value. Set up simply monitors continuously and updates parameter change. Continue reading

Interfacing RF modules

Chris shared his latest info on interfacing common RF modules to PIC microcontrolles. In project description he covered all details that help to get started and understand whats going on during data transfer. Instead of taking care of special encoding techniques Chris used an USART module to take care of encoding and decoding simple data packets. In his test routine he used two buttons on transmitter and two LEDs on receiver. Everything works fine this way. So if you are seeking for simple and cheap RF solution consider using these simple 434MHz RF modules in your project. Continue reading

Simple 3 channel RF remote control application

Using radio frequency (RF) in embedded projects is always cool. You have ability to get rid of wires and transfer information to any direction in some radius. This project uses simple and common transmitter module TLP434A which transmits data by using a 433.92MHz carrier. It’s transmitting range may reach up to 200m with proper antenna and desired power voltage (up to 12V). In this project Transmitter is connected to PIC12F509 microcontroller and powered by 3V coin battery. Such low voltage gives range about 10m. In other end receiver is also connected to PIC microcontroller which receives commands from transmitter and controls three relays – so three independent electrical devices can be controlled e.g. lights, garage doors. Remote control uses Manchester encoding where data is encoded in a single bit stream where bits are represented as PWM. Project source code can be downloaded here. Continue reading

Infrared and RF transceiver projects with PIC

This is really cool remote control project that uses two communication links – IR and RF. The whole project consist of three main parts as separate boards: 4/8 channel RF transmitter, 4/8 channel IR transmitter and 4/8 channel IR/RF receiver. Each of transmitters have 8 buttons. Transmitters can act as 8 channel transmitter for sending simple codes or four channel transmitter for sending ON and OFF command with button pairs. The receiver module has 8 relays. Receiver module can be equipped only with RF or IR module- base circuit is same. I wander why not to use both receivers and make it more universal… Source codes for PIC microcontrollers for all transceiver variations are available for download and can be compiled with MPLAB. Continue reading