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Nostalgia with PIC12F1840 pong game

smallest Pic based pong game

Pong game is one of the first arcade games ever created. It mimic tennis game and is super simple. DysfuncTech couldn’t let it go and built Pong game on PIC12F1840 8-pin microcontrolller. It can be connected to TV and played as it was times ago. Game resolution is set to 32×56. It cant get higher due to RAM limitations. And there is no need for more res as game is simple as two cents. With some code optimizations he was able to squeeze in sound. It is played using piezo speaker. If you look at build log you’ll see that project has several releases with better improvements every time. Right now it looks pretty polished for having great experience. Continue reading

PIC based pong clock

Regular clocks sometimes seem to be boring. So why not to build something interesting and catchy? All you need is a PIC18F2520 microcontroller and Graphical LCD. Andrew has made this funky Pong clock that uses some action along with time display. As you may know PIC18F2520 has a RTC clock built in, all you need to attach external 32.768kHz crystal. This way it is possible to do precise time calculation while microcontroller running at 8 MHz speed can control graphical LDC functions. As final result you can see a simple pong game play that seems is timed to seconds matter and in the middle of GLCD screen time is displayed. Continue reading