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Wireless interactive media player (WIMP)

This project is till in progress but there are some promising results. As project name says this is a MP3 player with wireless connection to PC. It already plays low bit rate music but as they say – it already sounds good. Project is using WiPort adapter which provides wired to wireless internet bridging. Client itself is programmed in to PIC microcontroller which communicates with PC server. Device has its own IP so you can connect with a browser where all configurations can be set. As I mentioned- project is still deep “alpha” – there are lots of things to do until WIMP will able to play clips. Continue reading

Powerful MP3 player in a mint box

There are quite many MP3 player projects done by enthusiasts. So here is another one which works with compact flash cards, handles FAT16 and fits in Altoids mint box. Player runs on PIC18LF452 microcontroller which handles flash card interface and sends data to STA013 MP3 decoder chip. Decoded digital audio is converted to analog by CS4340 DAC. The project is running from 3.3V LiIon battery. MP3 player also has a MAX756 DC boost regulator that allows using different batteries like couple AA Alkaline. In order to get rid of cables there is an optional FM transmitter MAX2606 to play music via car radio receiver. And last shot is USB connectivity, so it is possible to upload/download files and even charge LiIon battery via MAX1811. Latest project files can be downloaded form here. Continue reading