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PIC based rotary encoder demo

Rotary encoders are handy input devices. They allow to input wide range of digital data as well as rotation position info with only single knob and no ADC. Following project simply demonstrates the use of a single rotary encoder which is connected to PIC microcontroller. As output there are 16 LEDs used that indicate the position of knob. LEDs are connected to A6276 16 LED serial driver that is controlled via SPI interface. PIC microcontroller also performs a nice PWM controlled LED fade effects when knob is turned. So this demonstration can be a great decision maker of using this great input part. Continue reading

8 channel PIC LED chaser

You’ve probably seen a LED chaser in a “Knight Rider” TV series where car is equipped with nice light effect. So this project can do this and much more. So there are eight LEDs connected to PIC 16F628 (or 16F88). Each of them may have four levels of intensity: off, dim, mid, and bright. So running all these in some predefined sequences or randomly you can generate great effects. The project is designed as a kit so you can skip building process and buy ready to solder pack. But if you will decide to build everything on your own, there are tons on information on how to build it step by step. There is even a tip on how to fit led chaser inside PC. This is small, fun and easy to do moldings around you with it. Continue reading