A pocket size LED game system

There two aspects of this project that made it really cool, first would be that its programmable you can make your own games and load the code into it – I was thinking of making one that is similar to the brick game, some of you might not remember it but it’s a very famous game back at the 90’s and two it freakin comes with multicolor LEDs! This project is neatly placed on a small board where the RGB LEDs, the microcontroller, the small coin-like speaker (piezo transducer) and the switches are attached. The brain of this tiny light of wonders is a PIC16F628A which drives the RGB LEDs through bipolar junction transistors. The BJTs are used as buffers so that the LEDs would not draw too much current from the PIC16F628A. As of now there are only 3 available games but who knows brunoip might add more! Another neat thing about this project is that two of the four push button switches are placed in the sides – giving us the feel of a playstation gamepad but in 8… Continue reading

USB Game-pad and Mouse With Accelerometer

If you like to play computer games you can do this with more fun. And what bigger fun can be than doing this with joystick made by yourself. So this is a PIC18F2550 / PIC18F4550 based USB game pad with accelerometer. Schematic is built in steering wheel shell and is handy for doing som serious racing. PIC18F2550 has a native USB interface which is programmed as HID USB and is easily recognized by WIN XP/Vista and WIN7 as well. Game pad uses 2 axes accelerometer with ±2g and works directly from 5V taken from USB. Sevice also can be used as motion mouse for dragging cursor around screen and doing various tasks without need of table. Continue reading