Numitron display based digital clock

I bet you like Nixie clocks and probably wouldn’t mind to have one on your table. Anyway, Nixie displays require relatively high voltage to light segments. But if you don’t want to generate higher voltages but rather stay with 5V then you should consider numitron displays. These vacuum tube displays light up from like 5V. Pinomelean purchased several of IV-9 displays and wanted to build very simple digital clock. Instead of making full number display he used single digit to tell time. The method is pretty simple – it displays hours and minutes one by one. Four additional LEDs allow easy tracking of current digit displayed. Clock is driven by PIC16F84A microcontroller which is clocked at 4MHz. Using one digit display saves space and allows to design small device. For basic time monitoring this is more than enough.   Continue reading

Clocks Rediscovered

All of us has those fancy hanging wall clock that shows us time in different styles. This one is a little different. It shows time with the help of lots and lots of seven segment displays. To be precise, it has a total of 72- segment displays, in a three ring format. Along with it, it has an adaptive light sensor, that makes reduces the brightness of the displays in night and increases during the day. Moreover, it also has a wave detection which shows time when you wave the hand. Another feature is, that it has connectivity to internet to synchronize time from NTP server on time to time basis. For offline clock, it has an on-board RTC clock and even an Ethernet connection for remote entry. Although it has a lot of features, but it’s quite costly. But if the cost is neglected it is a really nice thing to have in your house. The maker of the project wants to add more features to it like a firmware upgrade and even support of IPv6 for internet access Continue reading

Digital clock as we know it

Sometimes we just need a simple digital clock without fancy features and schematic. So manelsoft simply found textbook PIC based digital clock and built it. Clock uses PIC16F84A microcontroller driven by 4MHz crystal clock source. Time is displayed on 6 seven segment LED display controlled through CD4017 decade counter and common cathode transistors. Clock can be set with two available push-buttons. Source code and other necessary files are available to download and have it running right away. Continue reading

Minimalistic digital clock uses only four LEDs

Digital clocks may obtain different shapes and ways of displaying time. But what is a purpose of building purely digital clock? One of them probably for standing out in the crowd. Not everyone can tell the time by looking ad digital binary values and this makes you look geeky. Another reason is simplicity. Microcontrollers operate with binary values so displaying them is as easy as connecting LEDs to pins. Hawing this in mind Floating Wombat build really simple looking digital clock that uses only four RGB LEDs. He wanted to make really simple front-face and so ended up with single pushbutton and four LED holes. Obviously he used different colors to tell hours, minutes and seconds. The clock runs on PIC24F16KA102 microcontroller that has internal RTC. 3 AA batteries ensure there is enough voltage for MCU and LEDs. Unique design of box enclosure definitely makes you think what it does… No surprise it is called Obfuscating Chronoscope. Continue reading