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Electronic LED dice with tilt sensor

There are many electronic LED dice projects around where you can choose the layout, triggering and circuit. This one has something a bit different from other. First of all PCB is round and LEDs are numbered instead of positioned to mimic physical dice. LEDs here are positioned in circular pattern that labeled from 1 to 6. When dice is rolled, LEDs display chasing effect and gradually slows down until it stops at one of LEDs. Dice is built around PIC12LF1822 microcontroller. LEDs are connected by using three wires (Charlieplexing). Dice can be triggered with tilt sensor by shaking the dice. It is powered with coin cell battery. There is a switch to turn on and off. If dice is left powered for long time, it automatically enters sleep mode to save battery from draining. Software relies on rand() function witch is not true random, but is enough for dice project. Continue reading

Shake your electronic dice

You can find lots of electronic dice projects around but most of them use button to active random generator. This one uses cheap solution to enable feel closer to real dice – you need to shake it to make it work. It doesn’t use any expensive accelerometer just a simple bolt on a spring that touches the contact when shaking. LEDs and random generator is built around PIC 16F688 microcontroller.  I bet this would add more fun to board games. Continue reading