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ABCs of ADCs using a PIC16F688

On a world where everything has gone digital or should I say insanely digital most say that dealing with the analog domain is a thing of the past – obsolete. Yet no one could escape the fact that almost if not everything in the world is in the analog domain. Temperature, Voltage, Current, Pressure, Intensity of Light, Acceleration, Force, and the rest of the gang – is analog. To be able to build projects applicable for real world applications one must know how to translate the physical world [analog] to numbers [digital] – this task is done by something called an ADC [Analog to Digital Converter] – this comes in various architectures; flash, SAR, Delta Sigma and lots more! This tutorial is a simple way of starting you mixed signal way of living! It takes you through the coding and wiring the PIC16F688. The PIC16F688 has 8 10-bit ADCs and each can be used independent of one another. In this tutorial a potentiometer configured like a variable voltage divider is used to generate the AC signal – the PIC accepts… Continue reading

PICADC – The Marvelous PIC Based A/D Converter

Do you have any plan for this weekend? If you haven’t got any, then would you mind to spend the day building this marvelous PIC based A/D converter? Frankly, many home hobbyists have been familiar with the A/D converter, as it’s one of the common electronic devices that being used in most projects! Let’s cut the long story short! This PICADC is a very simple 12-bit, 8-channel analog to digital converter. It built based on PIC16F84 microcontroller and a MAX190 ADC. It equipped with four additional digital inputs, which can be connected to the PC through the serial interface RS-232. The PC is responsible to programming the entire sequence of sampled channels and sampling frequency. The maximal sampling frequency has been limited by the data transmission rate. The PICADC’s analog input voltage is ranged between -2.5V to 2.5V, while its digital inputs might probably be used, just for recording additional digital signals. Since the device is quite small, you can mount it on a small-sided printed board easily. If you’re intend to eliminate the external ADC and multiplexer, then you… Continue reading

Simple PIC voltmeter with LCD

This is very beginner project on how to read analog DC voltage with PIC and display it on LCD display developed by sprut.   Voltage is read with 10 bit ADC input. Input is connected directly to RA0 pin so be careful with measured voltages. Higher than VCC voltages may damage PIC microcontroller. If you are not sure better connect protecting Schottky diodes on the input. ADC can measure with 4.8828125mV accuracy when VCC=5V. Download assembly source code if you want to experiment more. sprut also has more info on his site about electronics, PIC microcontrollers. Site is in German language, but any online translator can help. Continue reading