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Be Easy with This Frequency Counter

You must wondered, building a frequency counter is a tough task, but is not as hard as you though. Those materials that needed are: LCD 16 character x two lines TCXO 12.8 MHz (1ppm) PIC 16F84 Some of the features for this frequency counter: It can show the frequency in between 100Hz – 2.5GHz and the voltage (0-510mV) on the LCD display. Well furnished with IF offset-function, and can be applied for the frequency display with the homemade transceiver. Small sized circuit board with 10cm x 4.3 cm. Now, you will learn how to deal with the IF OFFSET. Firstly, when you see the RB3=H, RB5=H and RB0=H, this means it is a normal frequency counter with the power turned on. When the SW for RB7 is pushed, the LCD… Continue reading